A coffee table with a beautiful assortment of items including books and a candle in a wooden tray

Coffee Table Box

Natural textures and touches of color are pulled together to complete the look your coffee table needs! A bamboo tray helps ground the vignette and keep it looking cohesive. A stack of two books - one of which called Pause, is a journal with fun questions, thought-provoking prompts, and room to write. The thought behind adding this book to our coffee table box was to encourage taking time each week to slow down and reflect. A handcrafted ceramic candle with a pop of blue and fun pattern sit atop the books accompanied by match sticks and a wooden bead garland. The three pieces together provide visual balance and complement the height of the glass vase with faux greenery.


What's inside

“In The Mood for Colour” Book

A booked filled with inspirational images of how color has been thoughtfully and intentionally used in homes around the world.

Vase & Faux stems

Tinted green glass vase. 10" high, 6" wide.
Set of 3 faux fern stems.

“Pause” Book

A keepsake self-reflection book filled with fun questions and thought-provoking prompts. Includes a journaling page for each week of the year.


Decorative bamboo tray with handles. 19-1/4" long, 14" wide.


Hand poured soy wax in a patterned ceramic candle. Cotton tree scent. 4-1/2" wide, 4-1/2" long, 4" high.


One set of wooden prayer beads. 36" long.


One set of long matches with "love" handwriting detail on the side of canister.

All sales are final. Please note due to the inherent nature each item will vary. Specifically, the hand crafted bamboo tray may have naturally occurring imperfections and the candle's vessel may vary in color.