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Styling Simplified

We pre-sweat the details for your space so you don’t have to. Each box is hand curated by our team of experienced interior designers so you’ll find something unique that fits right in and feels at home — in yours.

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By Interior Designers, For Everyone

As designers, we started looking for a solution to the reoccurring issue our clients, friends, and family were having - they didn't know where to start when styling their home. Whether it was not knowing where to shop or what pieces went well together, we knew there had to be a better way to style homes on a larger scale. Placed was intentionally made for the people who don't have time in their busy schedules for DIY, don't have the finances to hire a professional, or don't have the talent to style their own home.

Someone opening a large cardboard box with beautiful items inside, neatly packaged.

Create beautiful spaces in your home with ease thanks to our seasonal collections, shipped right to your door. Each item is selected to work together with the other items in the collection and in a variety of interior styles. We are certain you will find something to bring life to your space.

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Our Story

Placed is an expression of our commitment to quality and creating beautiful spaces.

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